Reach your healthy, happy weight.

Even if you’ve failed a hundred times before.

The Journey...

The More Heart, Less Body Personal Immersion Experience is a 9-month, mentor-guided program unlike any other.

“I wanted to befriend my body instead of constantly waging war with it. Over these months, I have shifted from war to love.”

Every year, we take a group of courageous women on a remarkable journey of self-transformation.

The women who join us are ready to make peace with their bodies. They are hungry to nourish their lives— physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. They are ready to uncover the underlying causes of their life-long struggles with weight.

They are ready for a healthy, sustainable approach to losing weight. An inside-out approach.

They are ready for More Heart, Less Body.

Are you?

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Christy Brennand is a holistic nutritionist, health coach, writer, real-food fanatic, professionally-trained cooking instructor, novice gardener, and a teacher of things that really matter— like feeling great in your body, finding unshakable happiness, and knowing unconditional love when you see it.

Dr. Carpenter is an experienced functional medicine doctor, happiness mentor, insatiable student of health science, and a gifted healer who helps people all over the world reverse chronic health issues. She’s the founder of The Healthy Human, a functional medicine practice located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.