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​The More Heart Journey—
​What our members are saying...


It’s so much easier to lose weight if you’re not worried about losing weight.

​Cindy W.

​​I realized that, for the first time in my life, I am truly content with who I am.


​​I would say that More Heart is a way of learning your worth and your value that will affect everything in your life including your weight loss and how you see yourself and how you see others."


​I think the biggest difference I feel with this plan is all of you! I feel loved by each of you and encouraged. I can mess up and know you are still with me, cheering me on to continue and get back in step with my health.


​In More Heart, you have a really great opportunity to journey with other folks who are just like you. And we don't judge each other. We're in the same place... We're all learning together how to love unconditionally.


​​The day that I figured out that I really am worthy of taking good care of myself... that was a turning point.”

​Cindy C.

“​​​It is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself.


“[More Heart]​ has such a different approach and it comes from a different place.


​I am finding that I have more energy and ​there are things I want to do that I hadn't wanted to do in a long time.


​​​This has been the best process for me to look inside myself.”


​​“​I felt like when I found ​More ​Heart that it was a huge answer.

It was finally some place that addressed all of the issues. For me it's been amazing. It’s an amazing program.


​What's changed is not necessarily what I thought.

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