A Hiding Spot - More Heart Less Body

April 1, 2020

a hiding spot by Manka Kasha

These days, we’re bobbing like corks on the surface of uncertainty.

Trying to find calm and a sliver of security while our tiny floating vessels are tipping and tossing on the waves of this new, turbulent world.

Sometimes I taste the salty splatter of pandemic-fear on my lips— the imagined and the real dangers of this unexpected storm splashing into my safe space.

But then I realize my salty tongue is tasting my own tears. Tears of grief and loss, and sometimes, fear.

It’s ok to feel grief for things we have lost. We’ve lost the world as we knew it.

It’s ok to feel fear when we can’t imagine what the future will look like.

But remember, healing happens when we learn to hold fear and grief in our hearts AS we move forward.

Each day, we get to choose our thoughts. And our thoughts create our emotions. And our emotions drive our actions.

So, while we are tucked away in our sheltered-at-home hiding spots, bobbing with the waves of these uncertain times, I invite you to think thoughts that bring you closer to hope, closer to healing, closer to wellness.

Think thoughts that help you lean into better-feeling emotions. And let those emotions inform your actions. And repeat those actions until they become the behaviors that demonstrate your true inner strength.

Yes, you can do hard things.

Give yourself permission to feel fear and grief. And THEN move forward. It’s up to you to take care of yourself. Nobody else can do it for you. And it’s more important now than ever.

With great love for you,

Christy Brennand

Image: a hiding spot by Manka Kasha

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