How a little company with a big heart is helping people lose weight and keep it off.

A few years ago, two well-known business mentors told us we were foolish... 

Sure, you can build a successful business in the weight loss industry, but you've got to give people what they want. People want quick solutions, not a slow process that requires time and effort. You'll never make it.

Those weren't the exact words, but the message was loud and clear. If we wanted to be successful, we'd have to do what every other weight loss business does... Quick-fix “solutions” and smarmy high-pressure marketing tactics. (yuk!)

Well, we didn't listen to what the marketing "experts" told us.

We're still here doing what we do best— helping people lose weight slowly by intentionally creating healthier, happier lives.   

How'd we do that? How'd we create an amazing business (that actually helps people) when some of the most famous marketing experts thought we couldn't? 

By being honest with you. Instead of playing the go-big-or-go-home game of business, we stayed true to our vision. We valued teaching and loving people over making money. We're in it for the long game, because we'd rather hear how awesome your life is 5 or 10 years from now, than sell you empty promises or half-assed solutions and hope to never see you again. 

Seems like that should be how every business operates, doesn't it? Sadly, it's not. 

Here's the truth. Losing weight isn't easy. Especially if you've ever been on the yo-yo roller coaster. There is no quick fix that'll set you up for long-term success. You already know this.

But there is a way to reach a comfortable, healthy weight. It's just that it takes some time and effort. You've got to be willing to make some lifestyle changes.

You've got to be willing to make changes from the inside out. That's what we help people do. 

If you're ready to take responsibility for your health, to create new, healthy lifestyle habits, and if you're curious about what your life will look like when you discover that you can do hard things, well, you're in the right place.

We're glad you're here.

Meet the creators

Christy Brennand is a holistic nutritionist, health coach, writer, real-food fanatic, professionally-trained cooking instructor, novice gardener, and a teacher of things that really matter— like feeling great in your body, finding unshakable happiness, and knowing unconditional love when you see it.

Dr. Carpenter is an experienced functional medicine doctor, happiness mentor, insatiable student of health science, and a gifted healer who helps people all over the world reverse chronic health issues. She’s the founder of The Healthy Human, a functional medicine practice located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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