Member Stories – Pamela C - More Heart, Less Body

Pamela Cisneros

“I knew that saying yes to [More Heart] was saying yes to myself.”

One of the greatest things about More Heart is the personal stories that Christy and Avery add to the program. You can really feel their real humanity. They're real people. They're not perfect. They continually tell us little stories about mistakes that they make even now having done all this, as long as they've done it. And so it helps us to feel that it's okay for us to make mistakes too.

And that this is not about perfection. This is just about a direction.

I knew from the initial videos that More Heart was different, but I had no idea how different. There's no way to know until you do it. And I am blown away by just how much thought and heart and knowledge and experience and care has been put into this.

It's worth a thousand times more than what they're charging.

Let us help you find your happy, healthy path.