When you see someone who’s got their sh*t together— in terms of health, lifestyle, relationships, parenting, happiness, money, whatever— it’s not likely they were born that way.

In fact, the opposite is probably true.

  • They probably failed at relationships enough times to realize that the problem was them, not the other person.
  • They felt miserable in their body long enough to figure out that the daily choices they make matter. A lot.
  • They spent a lot of time asking questions like, "How can I make this situation better?"
  • They spent little time, if any, asking, "Why me?"
  • They realized that nobody else has the power to make them happy or unhappy. It was all on them.
  • They were brave enough to admit that their life wasn’t all that it pretended to be, and ask for help from someone who could make a difference.
  • They cared enough about their own happiness to get their sh*t together.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

—C.S. Lewis

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Happy February!

Christy Brennand

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