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Lately, I’ve been waking up every day at 5am, on fire like a rocket ship launching into space.

Hot flashes. Ugh.

I had hoped I would sail through menopause without any symptoms. I wanted to believe that my clean diet and healthy lifestyle would somehow give me hot-flash immunity.

Apparently, not so much.

This got me thinking about how sometimes it seems like our bodies betray us.

Even when we’re taking good care of ourselves— eating well, sleeping like a hibernating grizzly, getting fresh air…

…we still can find ourselves in a physiological pickle.

One of those “pickles” is being overweight.

Difficulty losing weight is a symptom of a hidden problem

When we have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, it’s a sign that something is amiss in our body.

Here’s what Dr. Avery Carpenter (my partner and co-creator of the More Heart, Less Body program) says about this:

Physical symptoms are how your body lets you know there’s a problem. 

It’s a lot like a red flashing warning light going off in your car’s dashboard. What if you just put a piece of black tape over the annoying light, so you didn’t have to see it any longer? 

Would the actual problem in the engine go away?

No. You would just be ignoring it.

Dieting is the same as putting that tape over the warning light— it doesn’t address the real problem that caused the weight gaining the first place.

The best approach is to look under the hood and fix the root problems. In my practice, I see several common problems that stop people from burning fat, or cause them create more fat.

I call these health problems “metabolic roadblocks."

Reversing roadblocks takes time

Fixing Metabolic Roadblocks doesn’t happen overnight. This is one of the reasons we call the More Heart Method a journey.

Getting healthier and losing weight is a process of peeling back the layers to figure out why your body wants to hold on to the weight. This takes time.

But, it’s doable. And it’s worth it.

When you fix the problems in the engine, rather than ignoring the warning lights, the ride is a way more fun, and you can stop worrying about about breaking down on this road-trip called life.

By the way, here are the most common Metabolic Roadblocks that cause women to struggle with weight:

  • Blood sugar issues

  • Food sensitivities

  • Chronic stress

  • Digestive issues

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Sleep issues

  • Hidden thyroid issues

The key to sustainable weight loss — uncovering and removing roadblocks

The thing to remember is that our bodies have incredible self-healing capabilities. Self-repair is written into our genetic code.

We can see this play out in all kinds of examples, from how we heal from a paper-cut, to how broken bones mend.

Astonishing really, if you think about it.

That’s good new for getting rid of Metabolic Roadblocks— they can be reversed.

Even though it sometimes feels like your body is betraying you, you are actually hardwired to heal. And when your body heals, your weight goes down.

Plus, you just feel better.

And that's the whole point, don’t you think?

Christy Brennand

PS. There are three big things that keep people stuck on the yo-yo roller coaster. We talked about the first one today. Metabolic Roadblocks. In the next email, I’ll share the second one … (It’s nearly impossible to avoid!)

PPS. Wondering where to get help with your Metabolic Roadblocks?

I recommend you work with a good Functional Medicine doctor. You want someone who has specialized training, and takes the “look-for-the-root-cause” approach vs the “mask-the symptom” approach.

The best Functional Medicine doc I know is Dr. Carpenter. You can schedule online consultations through her office at Or you can look for a functional medicine doctor in your area.

Another option is to join our next cohort of the More Heart, Less Body Personal Immersion Experience, where you'll learn all about the Metabolic Roadblocks, how to heal them, and bunch of other awesome things, too.

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