I used to type by using the hunt-and-peck method. It was inefficient and I was constantly frustrated. By the time I completed my sentence I almost always had forgotten what I was trying to say.

So I decided to learn to type by touch, without looking at the keyboard.

I found a smart little web class designed as a series of small lessons that build over time. You start with easy lessons and as you become proficient, you move up to slightly more challenging lessons.

Your skills improve incrementally with minimal effort. It’s nifty.

After 30 years of two-finger typing, I’m happy to report I’m now typing this note to you without looking at my keyboard. Yay!

Now, here’s the fun part and why it matters to you.

The system I used to learn how to touch type is the same one you can use to reach your healthy, happy weight.

No kidding. It’s that simple. Who knew touch typing was the real secret to lasting weight loss! 🙂

Let’s break this down.

There are two parts to a fail-proof system. (Whether you’re learning to type or looking for lasting weight loss.)

Part 1 = Take Small Steps

Small steps are incredibly effective when we’re looking to level-up our lifestyles.

Taking small steps allows us to make progress without experiencing paralyzing failures and huge setbacks. It’s a proven way to learn new things.

According to Tiny Habits author BJ Fogg, taking small steps eliminates emotional risk. Which is especially important when it comes to making lifestyle changes and losing weight.

A Small Steps approach is the opposite of the Dieting Mentality, which tends to push people out into some very emotionally-vulnerable territory. High risk + greater chance of failure.

My typing program nailed this part of the system. It broke down the skill of typing into the smallest, most manageable bits possible.

It was nearly impossible to fail. There was no risk. I never felt overwhelmed, stupid, discouraged, or frustrated with my progress.

And because I actually felt a sense of accomplishment with each small step, I wanted to keep going. The incremental steps were easy to integrate into my everyday life.

This brings me to part 2 of this fail-proof system…

Part 2 = Consistent Action

Small steps are important, but the real momentum happens when you apply consistent action.

When I started my typing program, I wasn’t consistent. I did it whenever I thought about it, which is to say, not often.

Turns out practicing randomly didn’t improve my skills at all.

Sure, I was still doing “small steps” and wasn’t overwhelmed, but without consistency, I stayed stuck on Lesson 1 for months.

It wasn’t until I made the commitment to practice for a few minutes every day that I saw noticeable improvements.

It’s the combination of small steps and consistent action that brings about the changes we desire.

The Fail-Proof Formula

I like to think of this approach as a formula. You need all parts of the equation in order to get the result.

Using the Fail-Proof Formula for Weight Loss

Let’s apply this formula to your weight loss goals.

If you want to improve your health and lose some weight, we know you’ll need to make some lifestyle improvements. That’s a given.

So, let’s work the formula…

Based on where you are now, what is one small step you can take that will bring you closer to your health goals?

Maybe for you, it’s choosing fresh berries after dinner instead of ice cream. Or eating more vegetables. Or maybe you know you need to drink more water.

By the way, there’s no one right path for everyone. Your small steps will be different than everyone else’s. For this example, just think of something that feels easily doable.

Now, once you have a small step in mind, imagine what might happen if you started doing it consistently.

Let’s say your small step is to eat more vegetables. (I’m a big fan of this.)

Which would give you better results? Eating a vegetable every once in a while, or eating vegetables consistently, every day?

Small Steps Equals Big Results Over Time

Let's look at some visual examples so you can see what happens when you add time to the equation.

Here's what happens when you start taking small steps but do it inconsistently...

But, if you focus on taking consistent action, look what happens...

Now, compare the two. Amazing what can happen if you simply take consistent small steps towards your desires...

This is so powerful. Simply taking small steps consistently changes the outcome dramatically. And the good news? It's never too late to start. When you do, your future is changed before you even arrive.

Think about how you can apply this Fail-Proof Formula to your life starting now.

What would it look like if you committed to taking a small step every day towards your health goals?

Where might you be a year from now? Five years from now? Ten?

I'd love to hear. Write me back and let me know.


Christy Brennand

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