A long time ago, there was a wise Zen master. People traveled from all over the world to learn from him how to become enlightened.

One day, a scholar visited the master. “I have come to learn about Zen enlightenment,” he said.

As they talked, the scholar interrupted the master repeatedly with his own stories and ideas about enlightenment. It was apparent to the master that the scholar had already acquired a great deal of knowledge and opinions.

The master suggested they have tea.

The master began pouring tea into his guest’s cup. When it reached the rim, he continued pouring and the tea flowed over.

The master kept pouring as tea flowed onto the table, and then onto the floor, and finally onto the scholar’s robes.

The scholar yelled, “Stop! My cup is full already. Can’t you see?”

“Exactly,” the Zen master replied with a smile.

“You are like this cup— so full of what you know, that nothing more will fit in. Come back to me with an empty cup.”

Full to the brim?

One of the obstacles we face on our quest for better health (and slimmer bodies) is that we already know too much.

Our cups are full. We've been filled to the brim for decades with advice and “knowledge” about health and weight loss.

Most of it has been proven wrong by science, and yet we’re still drinking the same old tea.

The moral seems obvious…

Unless we’re willing to pour out what already know, we’ll never learn anything new.

We’ll never have space for the new beliefs that are necessary for growth and change.

Let’s look at a few beliefs you may have in your cup…

  • When you are deciding what to eat, do you automatically choose the one with the fewest calories?
  • When you order a salad or sandwich, do you skip the bacon or the avocado because they're fattening?
  • Do you find yourself trying to cajole yourself into going to the gym, even when you’re stressed or feeling run-down that day?

Any of those sound familiar?

If so, it’s time to empty your cup, my friend.

Not your fault

Your struggles with weight aren’t your fault. You’ve been following a flawed model. What else could you do? Nobody ever showed you a different path.

But now we know better.

We have new science. We have new data. We understand human physiology better than ever.

We know more about how our mental, spiritual, and emotional health affects our physical health.

So, why are we are still following the advice served up to us over 90 years ago…

“Just eat less and exercise more.”

This is a flawed model. It doesn't work.

Worse than that, actually. This old way of thinking causes weight gain in the long run.

Isn't it time for a new approach?

New possibilities

A healing journey is a journey of possibilities…

The possibility of becoming more resilient— physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The possibility of living well for longer in a body you love.

The possibility of richer, deeper relationships.

The possibility of inner peace and unshakable happiness.

The possibility of ending the war with your body, and finally reaching a healthy, comfortable weight…

All those are possible.

But only if you’re willing to empty your cup.

Christy Brennand

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